Configuring the All-in-One Server

In this post I’m basically starting the CI/CD pipeline from scratch on a new server - this time I’ll keep it running 24/7 so I can get moving on the projects that will interact with it. This involves setting up Jenkins and the CI/CD pipeline again, configuring Apache as a reverse proxy and finally adding an SSL certificate to implement HTTPS for added security.

Fixing Jekyll Build Time

I had slightly neglected this blog for a while - I had a lot of drafts and random notes about the place because my local build for Jekyll was taking 12 to 40 minutes to build. I had a few hours to kill so it was finally time to give this a bit of time.

Upgrading Basil Faulty to DonkeyCar v3.1.0

Today I’m upgrading my DonkeyCar Basil Faulty to donkey v3.1.0! A number of members of the Hackerspace have got the DonkeyCar training working on Windows (rather than a Linux Virtual Machine) and there have been a number of updates since my last install so what better time to upgrade?