Final Year Projects

I completed two Final Year Projects for my Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) and Computer Science degrees.

Final Year Projects

For Mechatronics I was part of a 3-person team who built a Smart Home system which had the following features:

  • A Node.js server running on a Raspberry Pi (Linux).
  • A SQL database to record the data also on the server.
  • Automated testing on the server using Knex and Mocha.
  • Communication with the modules via HTTP and a RESTful API.
  • A package box module using ESP32 chips, a MFRC522 RFID reader, a keypad and a 16x2 screen connected using the I2C interface.
  • A heating and cooling system implemented mainly by my groupmate which also used an ESP32 with a small fan and cooling pad.
  • A garden watering system which actuated an electric water valve implemented by a groupmate.
  • A lighting system also implemented by a groupmate.

Final Year Projects

For Computer Science I was part of a 10-person team who built a Smart Parking solution for a future of Smart Cities to allow people with disabilities to find, book and use car parking. I was on the back-end team and also implemented the hardware demo. The overall system had the following features:

  • A Node.js server.
  • A SQL database.
  • Automated testing with Knex and Mocha which integrated with Jenkins for a CI/CD pipeline.
  • An Android app which communicated with the server using a RESTful API.
  • An Angular web interface which also used the RESTful API allowing the configuration of the system.
  • A hardware demo using ESP32s and small 9g servo motors to demonstrate the functionality of the whole system (...using Lego cars!).

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