CI/CD Pipeline using Node.js and Jenkins - 1: Hello World Node App


Jenkins is an open source automation server that can be used to set up a Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline to streamline the deployment process. I wanted to set it up for my next project; a Node.js server that I could use for a lot of my future projects - I want to create a RESTful API that I can use for any of my projects that need to communicate with a central server.

Data Gathering for Basil Faulty the DonkeyCar


I’d got Basil up and running on the workshop day but he was still a normal RC car until I could get him trained up and driving himself. I had a few hiccups trying to gather data using a ps3 controller and while I set up the training environment which I’ve outlined here.

Building Basil Faulty the DonkeyCar

Group Shot

Building Basil Faulty the DonkeyCar - a remote control car that becomes a self-driving car using machine learning and artificial intelligence to drive itself around my kitchen.