Useful Links

In all of my tinkering I’ll often come across useful websites and pages that aren’t directly related to what I’m currently doing, but useful for something in the future. I’ll endeavour to list some of them here.

Great tutorial websites

A good Google search of the topic you’re interested in will always come up with many great websites to help you along, but here are some of my favourites:

  • Adafruit Learning System is an online store with a fantastic array of products and very clearly explained resources for learning electronics.
  • SparkFun is also an online store and also an incredibly useful resource featuring classes and tutorials to get started in tinkering especially with Open Source products.
  • bildr is a community of makers focussed on producing easy-to-follow articles on tinkering and making.
  • Instructables features step-by-step instructions on how to do almost anything. It’s a fantastic resource for project ideas and help.

Places to source parts

Many of these may seem incredibly obvious but I thought I’d just list my favourite places to pick up parts for projects:

  • eBay is great for cheap components, often in bulk, just make sure you check out the feedback rating for sellers and shipping times if you want things ASAP.
  • AliExpress another great resource, a little less known than eBay but very useful for large amounts of components, again watch out for good sellers and mind the shipping times for overseas.
  • Arduino which is the official store for Arduino/Genuino products.
  • Adafruit sells many high quality products as well as the resources to get started with them.
  • JayCar is a great brick-and-mortar store with multiple branches that stock many components and electronic products, great for when you really need that part ASAP.
  • tronixlabs is a locally owned online store right here in Melbourne.
  • RS Components stocks a very wide variety of parts with very fast delivery around Australia via courier.
  • element14 again stocks a huge variety of parts and trade electronics with very fast delivery.

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    • Twulz